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Main Chain Development Progress

Daily maintenance and status inspection of main chain.

Front End Development Progress

  1. Development of IONChain Wallet
  • IONC-SWAP prototype making
  • Maintenance of H5 project in WEB wallet
  • Optimization of main page pop-up code
  • Advanced research on UNISWAP technology


  • Register Huawei WEAR ENGINE account
  • IoT background management system maintenance


  • IONC obtained from the check-in event organized in IONChain group is ready to be withdrawn, transacted and used. …

Outburst of IoT Device

IoT is one of the few markets which able to gain the interest of emerging market and traditional venture capitalist. Undoubtedly, the influence of IoT has and will continue to attract more start-up venture capital companies to invest on hardware, software and innovative projects in service sector. According to the data of International Data Corporation (IDC), IoT expenses will reach 1.4 trillion USD in year 2021.

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IoT is an important component in new generation of information technology, it is also an indispensable development phase during “informatization” era. Through communication and sensing technology such as smart sensor, recognition technology and ubiquitous computing, IoT has been widely applied in network integration, thus it is regarded as the 3rd wave of world’s information industrial development after computer and Internet. IoT is the extension and expansion of Internet application, and instead of network, IoT can be seen more as business and application. …


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