Against the Background of the New Infrastructure Construction, IONC Has Successfully Entered into the Korean Capital Market. Does it Have a ceiling?

On the morning of April 20, the National Development and Reform Commission held an April press conference online. In response to questions from reporters in this press conference, Wu Hao, Director of the Innovation and High-Tech Development Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, answered in detail the scope of the new infrastructure (new infrastructure construction) and the next development support plan for the new infrastructure. This is the first time the National Development and Reform Commission has clarified the scope of the new infrastructure.

New infrastructure construction mainly refers to the infrastructure generated based on the evolution of a new generation of information technology, such as the communication network infrastructure represented by 5G, the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet, and the satellite Internet. Technical infrastructure, such as computing power infrastructure represented by data centers and intelligent computing centers.

Based on this advantage, the IONC whose underlying architecture serves the Internet of Things began to explode.

The global financial crisis broke out, and the currency market also fluctuated. The mainstream coins led by Bitcoin have fallen. At the time when everyone was in the low point, IONC has maintained a sustained and steady upward trend since it was listed on the SENBIT exchange, IONC is the real bitcoin! So, what’s the reason behind IONC’s skyrocketing?

Technological Innovation to Attract the Attention of Capital

The IONChain project was established in early 2018 and has been developing for several years. The IONChain rooted in the field of Internet of Things has achieved remarkable results. However, the current market value is only 4 million US dollars. With the explosion of the IONChain ecology and cooperation with more exchanges and communities, IONC will be known to the world. Such a project with low-level technical support and beautiful development prospects will definitely become a good one to invest.

In terms of the consensus mechanism, IONChain has designed two consensus mechanisms: a consensus mechanism called data quality proof and a consensus mechanism that is proof of time lapse. Through these two mechanisms, all IoT devices are supported to connect to the IONChain to mine, attract users, and give them the choice whether they are willing to upload to the cloud for free or to IONChain mining. There is still a problem in this. To realize the scenario just now, the device that connected in must be a living device. The first type of data quality proof proves that it is working, and the second type of time lapse proof proves its existence. Through the design of the blockchain token, IONChain allows ordinary people to participate in the construction of the Internet of Things.

IONChain has applied for a patent, but this is the code will be open source.

Entered the Korean Market and Won the Favor of Korean Investors

Recently, IONChain (IONC) has been officially reported in 3 major financial channels of Seoul Economic Television in South Korea — “Departure Securities Quotes”, “Close Soon! 60 Points of Victory and Defeat” and “Best Trader”. it is reported that the above three financial programs cover digital currency project analysis, real-time market analysis, transaction trend prediction and other professional in-depth introduction. As IONChain was included in the broadcast currency, it will enhance the Korean market and community’s understanding of IONChain program.

The Korean government’s attitude towards digital currency is very tangled, because the Korean people are really fanatical about digital currency. The wave of cryptocurrency enthusiasm reflects Korean people’s opportunistic psychology and also their ability to accept new things. It is no exaggeration to say that South Korea leads the world in investing in digital assets per capita. Therefore, South Korea has turned its attention to the blockchain field. Compared with the situation in China, the environment for Korean investors is relatively loose in investing in digital currencies.

After the IONChain was reported by major media in South Korea, the IONChain that got enough exposure also entered the eyes of Koreans. After get knowing of the achievements of IONChain in the field of Internet of Things, some Korean crypto chasers thought it is a great project to invest, many of whom missing the opportunity to buy bitcoin at the lowerst price before.

“This time, we don’t want to miss IONC and don’t want to repeat the mistake of Bitcoin”, a Korean responded under the forum.

New Infrastructure Boosts IONChain Landing

The proposal of the concept of new infrastructure construction redefines the infrastructure construction as 5G, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, and Internet of Things are defined as “new infrastructure construction. The Development and Reform Commission has added that the blockchain is the infrastructure of the new infrastructure construction. The chain itself is the most outstanding project in the field of blockchain and Internet of Things, so what are its landing programs?

At present, IONChain has reached a strategic cooperation with the well-known domestic Internet of Things equipment manufacturers Shanghai Wocheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Doorsinternet Technology Co., Ltd. in the field of smart set-top boxes and smart door locks, and the products are entering the landing stage. The latter is a fast-growing cutting-edge intelligent hardware company, and has deep technical cooperation with Zhejiang University. It has won honors such as “Young Eagle Planning Enterprise”, “Artificial Intelligence Town Project Selection”, “Mayor’s Cup Entrepreneurship Competition” in Hangzhou . The company specializes in “gateway networking” solutions, mastering a number of independent patent technologies, software copyrights, and intellectual property rights such as product trademarks.

Under the backgroud of new infrastructure construction, IONChain has enough space to exert its own advantages. One day in the future, IONChain will definitely enter all aspects of life and help us enter the new era of the Internet of Things! At that time, IONC may not be the current currency price just like when we look back at the bitcoin price in 2008. Hold tight of the IONC in your wallet and you’ll benefit from this potential program.

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