Against the Background of the New Infrastructure Construction, IONC Has Successfully Entered into the Korean Capital Market. Does it Have a ceiling?

Technological Innovation to Attract the Attention of Capital

The IONChain project was established in early 2018 and has been developing for several years. The IONChain rooted in the field of Internet of Things has achieved remarkable results. However, the current market value is only 4 million US dollars. With the explosion of the IONChain ecology and cooperation with more exchanges and communities, IONC will be known to the world. Such a project with low-level technical support and beautiful development prospects will definitely become a good one to invest.

Entered the Korean Market and Won the Favor of Korean Investors

New Infrastructure Boosts IONChain Landing

The proposal of the concept of new infrastructure construction redefines the infrastructure construction as 5G, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, and Internet of Things are defined as “new infrastructure construction. The Development and Reform Commission has added that the blockchain is the infrastructure of the new infrastructure construction. The chain itself is the most outstanding project in the field of blockchain and Internet of Things, so what are its landing programs?



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