The official website of the IONChain is

The domain name was registered on December 19,2017 and was launched in January 2018.

Earlier this month, The IONChain team has discovered there is a same named project (ION Chain), whose website is and using the same token name: IONC, is currently releasing airdrop information.

According to the finding, the registration date of this website’s domain name was on May 3, 2018.

In order to help identify the project and to prevent confusion , the IONChain team has already declared through WeChat, telegraph and other channels.

We noticed that the site posted the following airdrop information in its own telegram group:

The IONChain team would like to make a solemn declaration once again.

The IONChain project is registered as IONCHAIN FOUNDATION LTD. in Singapore.

Official website:

Our official english telegram group:

Chinese group:


The IONChain ERC-20 address is: 0xbc647aad10114b89564c0a7aabe542bd0cf2c5af

Token: IONC

There has been NO airdrop activity posted on any airdrop site so far. There is no association between the above mentioned project and the IONChain. IONChain is a new IoT infrastructure project based on blockchain and edge computing. They are two different projects. Community are advised to differentiate carefully.



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