BlockStorm Golden Electron-Acoustic Party — Chance for The Blockchain Practitioners to Exchange Views

BlockStorm Golden Electron-Acoustic Party, held by Jinse Finance and exclusively named by Bybit, was opened on Friday, November 15th, 2019, at 16:30pm at MODU CLUB Bar, No. 299, Hengfeng Road, Jing’an District. Shanghai.

PHOTO BY Jinse Finance

The party aims at bringing thousands of blockchain practitioners together to share their opinions on blockchain technology and shed light on its impact on business and life through an unprecedented electronic music experience.

The Director of Operations of IONChain -Mr. Zhang was also invited to the party. As the pioneer in IoT data security and privacy protection, IONChain is a platform to design and automate transactions between smart devices to facilitating an Internet of Things Economy.

PHOTO BY Jinse Finance

According to Zhang, the party really hits the point since so many people are interested in blockchain technology and its fundamental function in changing the whole industry and even the future. He also introduced the main concept of IONChain and its role in IoT networks settlement. “We’re confident in our team and solutions for IoT networks though there is still much more to improve on the way to make it a practical application that can be deployed to many industries. We welcome suggestions and cooperation from different fields.” Said Zhang in the party.

PHOTO BY Jinse Finance

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