How to be a Successful Blockchain Developer?

Blockchain, being the revolutionary technology that it is, has attracted lots of attention because of its disruptive potential and also opened up a new field of development called blockchain development. It’s great you choose to stay ahead of the curve by learning it. Before talking about knowledge that a successful blockchain developer need, there are something that you should know first.

Blockchain Developers Types:

Blockchain developers can be divided into two different types: Core Blockchain Developer and the Blockchain Software Developer.

A core blockchain developer designs the security and the architecture of the Blockchain system while blockchain software developers use the architecture developed by the core developer to create decentralized apps (dapps) and web varieties.

What a Blockchain Developer Do?

  • Design the Blockchain protocols
  • Design network architecture for the centralizing or decentralizing the data
  • Backend development according to the Blockchain protocols
  • Front-end designs developing according to client requirements
  • Smart contracts developing and monitoring

Technical Skills Required to Become a Blockchain Developer

It’s easy to get to know the basic knowledge about blockchain technology, but it’s really hard to be excelled in this area. Following are some of the key skills that need to be mastered.

Blockchain Architecture

A blockchain developer blockchain needs to dive into the blockchain history and it’s development through. Why blockchain come out? Bitcoin! Yes, blockchain was the platform designed for bitcoin. How much do you know about bitcoin and cryptographic hash functions? The best way to learn about blockchain technology is to read the whitepaper of some cryptocurrencies especially bitcoin. You could also go to some blockchain website or channel to get more details about how it works or sign up for exchanges to buy and trade cryptocurrencies to get the first hand experience. Apart from the basic 101 knowldge, you need also to know about blockchain’sworking and architecture such as consensus, distributed ledger technology.

Data Structures

Also, a full understanding of data structures is a need when intending to turn into a blockchain engineer. Blockchain engineers are continually learning about existing structures like merkle trees, petrecia trees. Blockchain utilizes a plenty of information structures related to cutting edge cryptography to fabricate a safe and changeless framework. An information about blockchain, with no information on data structures, must be considered inadequate.


Blockchain is a combination of information structures and propelled cryptography, consequently it is just clear that a decent handle on cryptography is additionally required to turn into a blockchain designer. A great deal of cryptographic techniques like hash capacities eg SHA256 and KECCAK256 are utilized in blockchain beside offbeat cryptography for creating advanced marks. Without seeing how these work, it is difficult to turn into a blockchain designer.

Smart Contract Development

Ever since the invention of Ethereum, it’s quite common that every business tries to incorporate smart contract functionality into its system so that business logic can be easily applied on the blockchain. So it’s quite important to learn smart contract develpment if you want to be a blockchain developer.


Without web develpment, you woudn’t have access to the social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Quora, etc.. You cannot buy things online through online shopping platform like Amazon, eBay, etc.. Web development is a center part of a blockchain designer too especially in decentralized application designing, so you must know the basics of both front-end and back-end development which includes things like creating interactive graphical user interfaces for Dapps, API handling, request handling etc.

How Does One Become a Blockchain Developer?

To learn about blockchain technology, you may need to read some related books or go to some online course platfrom about blokchain coding and programming languages such as C++, SQL, JavaScript, and Python languages.

Some of the Books:

Blockchain Courses:

What I am talking above is the baisics for those who are new to blockchain development, more skills are required to become a successful blockchain developer. You can strenghen your comprehension about blockchain info by following those influencer on social media to keep on eye on the area.

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