International Cooperation Continues, and IONC, the Leading IoT Public Chain Technology, Continues to Expand

With the rapid development of blockchain technology and the intensive release of favorable policies, the blockchain industry has received widespread attention from all walks of life. How to realize the commercial landing of blockchain has become the focus of people’s attention. However, there is no unified industry standard at present. Who can take the lead in the industry and who will have the highest say, so the technology giants have launched public chains. In the year 2020, in the battle between the public chain and the rivers and lakes, the leading Internet of Things IONC stands out.

IONChain is very “low-key” in China. Due to its down-to-earth work, you rarely even hear about this quality project in China. However, it has expanded its territory internationally and has decent achievements and reputation. This is in stark contrast to many domestic scammer projects. These scammer projects brag about what top technical architects and endorsed by a top university abroad. They just circulate money by means of blockchain. The domestic illegal handling costs are too low, which is why their rampant fraud is rampant.

IONChain, Multi-point Flowering at Home and Abroad

IONChain is devoted to researching the underlying technology of blockchain and IoT, and solid technology will pay off in the end. At present, it has cooperated with major domestic and foreign IoT manufacturers.


At present, IONChain has reached a strategic cooperation with the well-known domestic Internet of Things equipment manufacturers Shanghai Wocheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Doorsinternet Technology Co., Ltd. in the field of smart set-top boxes and smart door locks, and the products are entering the landing stage. The latter is a fast-growing cutting-edge intelligent hardware company and has deep technical cooperation with Zhejiang University. It has won honors such as “Young Eagle Plan Enterprise”, “Artificial Intelligence Town Project Selection”, “Mayor’s Cup Entrepreneurship Competition” in Hangzhou. The company specializes in “gateway networking” solutions, mastering a number of independent patent technologies, software copyrights, and intellectual property rights such as a series of product trademarks.


The IONChain has been widely praised abroad, and the technology has long been recognized by top institutions.

  1. IONChain Foundation signed an in-depth cooperation agreement with POCKET NETWORK TECHNOLOGY, a well-known game development company in Indonesia.

POCKET NETWORK TECHNOLOGY is a game product research and development company, mainly engaged in the development and sale of game-related products, and has a large game audience in Indonesia. The two parties agreed to cooperate in a comprehensive manner, working together on the application research of blockchain technology and the landing and development of the ion chain ecology in the Indonesian market, and building a more complete community ecology with each other.

2. The IONChain Foundation and MOBILE ALPHA LIMITED signed an in-depth cooperation agreement.

MOBILE ALPHA LIMITED is a mobile 3C product design company, mainly engaged in the sales and research and development of mobile phones and supporting products. Has hundreds of thousands of direct sales channels and community members. The two parties agreed to cooperate in a comprehensive manner, working together on the application research of blockchain technology and the landing and development of the IONChain ecology in the Indonesian market, and building a more complete community ecology with each other.

The fact that IONChain can cooperate with the above excellent Internet of Things manufacturers proves that the strength of IONChain has been recognized. At present, IONChain has now completed the main chain switching work and has extensive influence in many countries around the world. As a public chain in the field of the Internet of Things, it has been committed to building a 100 billion-level Internet of Things ecosystem. Through the concept of “one thing, one code, one pass”, the data can be traced, the source is unique, and it is true and reliable. Relying on the characteristics of edge computing, IONChain proposes the concept of “everything is a mining machine”. Any IoT device connected to IONChain can obtain mining rewards through the “ionization algorithm”.

We all know that the blockchain is essentially a decentralized database. The blockchain is a series of data blocks that are generated using cryptographic methods. Each data block contains information about a Bitcoin network transaction. In order to verify the validity of its information (anti-counterfeiting) and generate the next block. As blockchain technology matures, functional contracts represented by Ethereum and blockchain applications that meet different scenarios have emerged. Major companies, including many well-known enterprises, Internet giants, traditional enterprises, and communication operators, etc., all build blockchains according to their business needs. Because of the decentralized characteristics of the blockchain, it brings the ability of openness, transparency, high security, and traceability.

The Internet of Things is the Internet of things. There are two meanings in this: First, the core and foundation of the Internet of Things is the Internet, but it is extended and expanded on the basis of the Internet: Second, its user terminal extends and expands to any items and items for information exchange And communication, that is, the communication between things. The existence of the Internet of Things is not a new industry that exists independently, but a deep integration with the traditional physical industry to empower the traditional industry and form a new ecological model based on this. The Internet of Things has broad application prospects in different fields.

According to the budget of relevant institutions, the number of global smart connections will reach 100 billion in 2020, the market size will reach more than 300 billion US dollars, and the number of Internet of Things objects will reach billions.

What Can IONChain Provide for The Internet of Things

The IONChain project was established in early 2018 and has been developing for several years. The IONChain rooted in the field of the Internet of Things has achieved remarkable results. However, the current market value is only 4 million US dollars. With the explosion of the IONChain ecology and cooperation with more exchanges and communities, IONC will be known to the world. Such a project with low-level technical support and beautiful development prospects will definitely become an investment depression, and it is very worth looking forward to! The market value will be at least one billion in the future, and the licensing period of ten billion.

In the consensus mechanism, IONChain has designed two consensus mechanisms: a consensus mechanism called data quality proof, and a consensus mechanism that is proof of time-lapse. IONChain has applied for a patent, but this is the code will be open-source, IONChain Success is for all mankind.

Through these two methods, all Internet of Things devices can be connected to the IONChain to mine, attracting users, and giving them a choice, whether they are willing to upload to the cloud for free or to IONChain mining. There is still a problem here. To realize the scenario just now, the device that comes in must be a live device, and the first type of data quality proof proves that it is working, and the second type of time-lapse proof proves it is alive! The IONChain, through the design of the blockchain token, allows ordinary people to participate in the construction of the Internet of Things. After all, it is difficult to complete the national strategy of the Internet of Things with only one project and one organization!

Let the Internet of Things land faster and make the Internet of Things more valuable. This is the original intention and demand of IONChain!

At present, Google, the world’s largest search engine company, is developing smart contracts and distributed application platforms; 360 has also established its own shared cloud official website, and more and more Internet companies have entered the blockchain field and explored areas. The application of the blockchain and the Internet of Things and other fields, the IONChain has been set, and I look forward to cooperating with major manufacturers.

The combination of blockchain and the Internet of Things will bring invaluable value to our future, whether it is from the actual value of the IONChain, or from the currency price.




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