IONC is Listed on SENbit on March 15, 2020

IONC is listed SENbit platform on March 15, 2020

Deposit is ailable at 15:00 on March 14th while trading starts at 15:00 on March 15th.

SENbit platform address:

It’s the main chain IONC that is listed on SENbit this time. Please do not transfer ERC20 IONC to the SENbit platform. After the launch, Hotbit, and SENbit are the two platforms supporting the main chain token of the IONChain. The Coinlim platform is still under negotiation, and the switch has not been completed. When transferring the main chain IONC token, please make sure that the destination address is the main chain wallet address of IONChain.

IONChain prepares two big prizes for its supporters.

  1. The IONChain SENbit online AMA event

a) Those who repost posters to the group could receive 40 IONC in reward.

At 15:00 on March 16, 2020, Mr. Liu Tao, the founder of the IONChain Foundation, will attend the AMA answering event online. You can ask any questions about the IONChain project, and Mr. Liu Tao will answer them online.

Prize collecting time: 15:00, March 11, 2020 to 15:00, March 16, 2020

Thank you for your support and participation ~

  1. Position trading reward on the platform

a) You can participate in recharge positions

To celebrate the launch of the IONChain, IONChain and the SENbit platform jointly hold the position reward. The specific rules are as follows:

Activity time: 15:00, March 14, 2020 to 15:00, March 21, 2020

Activity Rules:

1. During the event, users who top up 100 IONC will get 20 IONC each until 10,000 IONC get rewarded.

2. During the event, the first 10 users with a single purchase of more than 10,000 IONC will each receive 10 SGT. Those who come after 10 will be counted in the next reward.

3. 20 users with a single purchase of more than 5000 IONCs can get 5 SGT per person.

4.50 users with a single purchase of more than 1000 IONC can get 3 SGT per person.

5. 100 users who make a single purchase of more than 500 IONC will each receive 1 SGT.

As of 15:00, March 21, 2020, the 20 users on the top 20 SENbit position trading reward can also divide 40,000 IONC by share of their holdings.

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