IONChain Layout the Future Internet of Things Ecology-Global Digitalization

Blockchain Technology Claims to Be The Source of Power for The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The application of blockchain technology will make the interconnected world more orderly and more efficient. At present, the application range of alliance chain or license-based public chain is becoming more and more extensive, the digital capability of assets continues to improve, and the 5G-driven terminal connection capability is becoming stronger and stronger, which will further promote the rapid landing of blockchain technology. In the long run, the concept and technology of blockchain will be further integrated with new digital economic infrastructures such as 5G, Internet of Things, digital currency, and digital identity, and become a “common technology” that promotes the development of the digital economy. It is an indispensable driving force for global digitization source of.

The Combination of Blockchain and the Internet of Things

During the long-term development and evolution of the Internet of Things, it has encountered the following five pain points in the industry: device security, personal privacy, rigid architecture, communication compatibility, and multi-agent collaboration.

Combination of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

With the continuous development of technologies such as drones and autonomous driving, smart devices, or edge devices based on the mobile Internet of Things can perform more powerful real-time and quasi-real-time calculations and execute feedback. These smart devices can collect and analyze the edge data and give relatively accurate results. The results can be directly entered into the system without the need to enter a large amount of data to be calculated by the central node; similarly, based on the artificial or non-human operations of the relevant parties The results and instructions can be handed over to the smart device for execution at the first time.

The Future is Here — IONChain Layout Future IoT Ecology

We discussed in the previous article that the Internet of Things has a huge market value in the future, so what is foreseeable is the future of artificial intelligence, mobile technology, virtual or augmented reality, robots or drones, blockchain, and the Internet of Things. The application will greatly empower objects and enhance industry competitiveness. And help companies in the new round of reform, win the market, reduce operating costs, and greatly improve the quality of operations.

Blockchain - The Biggest Digitalization

Once the American writer Alvin Toffler once wrote a book called “The Third Wave”. He believes that human society is divided into three stages: the first wave is the agricultural stage, starting from about 10,000 years ago; the second stage is the industrial stage, starting from the end of the 17th century; the third stage is informatization (or service industry) The stage, the digital economy, began in the late 1950s.



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