IONChain Overseas Cooperation Announcement

  1. Global Asset Derivatives Trading Platform Launches IONC

Global Asset Derivatives Trading Platform — Launches IONC. It supports Indonesian Rupiah exchange channel

Overseas community users can freely purchase IONC using Indonesian Rupiah. With a total of 3.88 million registered users, the Global Asset Derivatives Trading Platform (ICNCDE) is a professional platform focused on investment, providing users with real-time, professional, comprehensive and accurate global core asset dynamics, allowing investors to better understand the development trends of top companies in all walks of life in the world.

2. West Coast Community Joins IONChain Ecology

West Coast community (WestCoast) has joined the ion chain ecology. There are currently 30,000 active users in the community holding IONC.

About IONChain

IONChain aims to build a platform to design and automate transactions between smart devices and facilitate an Internet of Things Economy.

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