IONChain Project Fortnightly Report [04.22–05.12]

Main Chain Development Progress

  1. Main chain daily maintenance and status inspection.

Front End Development Progress

  1. Development Progress of IONChain Wallet Version 2.0:
  • Modify some page layouts
  • Adjustment and optimization of payment functions
  • Background management system adjustment and maintenance

2. IONChain browser development progress:

  • Front-end development and complete mid-term review
  • The first 2.0 version has been tested and officially released.


  • IoT application DOCK deployment
  • Simulation test of uploading mining data, modification of computing power bug
  • Calculation accuracy optimization
  • Equipment connection reliability test


  • IONChain was reported in the three financial columns of Seoul Economic Television in South Korea: “Departure Securities Quote”, “Closes Soon!” “Score of 60 points”, “Best Trader”.
  • On April 16, 2020, the project was broadcast for the first time. Next, the project will be continuously analyzed to further enhance the Korean market and the community’s understanding of IONChain project.


IONChain Browser 2.0 officially launched

Go to and check the latest blocks and transaction details.

About IONChain

IONChain aims to build a platform to design and automate transactions between smart devices and facilitate an Internet of Things Economy.

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