IONChain Project Fortnightly Report (09.25–10.15)

Main Chain Development Progress

1. Main chain service node settings and stress testing.

Front End Development Progress

1. Complete DEMO version of ION Planet, complete related PRD File, IEX, prototype design of K line graph function and compiling test sample, BUG sent.

2. Develop ION Planet Version 1.0: compile background interface, complete UI page, develop Android page, link data between foreground and background, compile interface of external user registration.

3. Development Progress of IONChain Wallet Version 2.0:

l Develop background management

l Develop IM module

l Develop mall module

l Integration of APP back end interface

l Adaptation of IOS multilingual version

l Regression testing of current version


1. Participate in Apsara Conference organized by Alibaba Group, discuss about AIOT, the IoT access mode introduced by Alibaba Group.


1. Expansion and business cooperation in Southeast Asia community.

2. Operation and promotion of overseas market in Indonesia.

3. All IONC obtained through signing in or participating activities in IONChain group can be withdrawn, transferred and spent. Withdrawal channel has opened recently in the first place, however along with the improvement of IONChain ecosystem, more functions will be opened gradually in future. Hence, anyone else who are not in the group yet are free to scan the QR Code at the end of article to enter.


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