IONChain Project Fortnightly Report [10.14–10.27]

Oct 28, 2020


Main Chain Development Progress

Daily maintenance and status inspection of main chain.

Front End Development Progress

  1. Development of IONChain Wallet
  • IONC-SWAP prototype making
  • Maintenance of H5 project in WEB wallet
  • Optimization of main page pop-up code
  • Advanced research on UNISWAP technology


  • Register Huawei WEAR ENGINE account
  • IoT background management system maintenance


  • IONC obtained from the check-in event organized in IONChain group is ready to be withdrawn, transacted and used. Currently, IONChain main chain has launched and all check-in rewards are main chain IONC, therefore please receive using official wallet. Check-in event will end after the official launching of IONChain ecology mining machine


IONChain Browser 2.0 had officially launched
Go to to check the latest blocks and transaction details.

About IONChain

IONChain aims to build a platform to design and automate transactions between smart devices and facilitate an Internet of Things Economy.

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