IONChain Signed Deep Cooperation Agreement with SARANA KOMUNIKASI ASIA

picture from Ledger Insights

IONChain project under NUSA MENTARI TEKNOLOGI have signed a deep cooperation agreement with SARANA KOMUNIKASI ASIA.

NUSA MENTARI TEKNOLOGI is a professional enterprise-level blockchain solution provider, with a professional blockchain R & D team and industry experts, providing enterprises with blockchain technology research and development, customized solutions, implementation and deployment services. The company’s IONChain project is a well-known project in the blockchain industry and a public chain project in the field of Internet of Things. Currently, the main chain has been completed and has extensive influence in many countries around the world.

SARANA KOMUNIKASI ASIA is a company engaged in the sales and manufacturing of headphones, speakers and other products. It is also a telecommunications company focused on the development of communication equipment.

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