Notice of IONChain Main Chain Switching

IONChain main chain has completed switching on 30th December 2019. Currently, transaction platform that supports the IONChain main chain token is Hotbit. Thus, all IONC of users in Hotbit transaction platform will be switched to main chain IONC automatically. Please confirm that the target address is address of IONChain main chain wallet.
Transaction platform of Fcoin and Coinlim are still docking, hence switching is not completed.

If you wish to switch ERC20 IONC to main chain IONC, please use IONChain official wallet to carry out switching with just one click. To obtain the download address of IONChain official wallet and main chain switching procedure, please click the link below to view:

Please join IONChain community or contact customer service of corresponding transaction platform if you have any questions.

Please don’t confuse or transfer two tokens of IONC, because all IONC will be lost once transferred wrongly! IONChain Foundation and related transaction platform will not bear any responsibilities.

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