The Future of the IT Industry — IONChain Builds Ideal IoT Ecology

Recently, the US market research organization IDC released the “Chinese Internet of Things (IoT) Platform Expenditure Forecast and Analysis” research report which has caused industry attention. The report predicts that by 2021, China’s Internet of Things platform spending will reach 6.22 billion US dollars (about 41.97 billion yuan). China’s Internet of Things platform spending will rank first in all regions of the world, accounting for more than 30% of the world’s total. This is also the best window opportunity for our country to develop independently without external conditions.

This means that the Internet of Things is a big industry opportunity after the mobile Internet!

The Rise of the IoT

In 1999, at the International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking held in the United States, Professor Kevin Ashton of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (later known as the “Father of the Internet of Things”) proposed Internet-based, RFID technology, EPC standards on the basis of the Internet, using radio frequency identification technology, wireless data communication technology, etc., to construct a real time global item information sharing solution (referred to as “Internet of Things”), this is the first time the concept of the Internet of Things has been formally proposed.

Since the first IoT (Internet of Things) device came out in 1990, the Internet of Things has developed tremendously, and connected devices have become an essential part of daily life from novel products, and will continue to increase.

The Internet of Things is the second growth curve of this wave of Internet tide. At present, mobile shipments are showing signs of fatigue and the technology giants are lacking in growth. Obviously, the Internet of Things is the next outlet that the entire industry is expecting! Its development represents the future of the IT industry.

“Smart Times” of the Internet of Everything

Each era has its own “smart era”. From the mid-19th century to the end of the 19th century, the arrival of the “steam era” changed the mode of industry and transportation and promoted the transformation of human industry. In the “Electric Age”, the birth of generators and internal combustion engines has become a new source of power and solved the problem of vehicles. The 1940s and 50s were the “information age.” The new economy represented by the knowledge economy became the key to the success or failure of countries’ overall national strength competition.

With the rapid development and wide application of electronic computing, the world has entered an “intelligent era” since the 21st century. Intelligent technologies represented by artificial intelligence, 5G communication, blockchain, and the Internet of Things have matured. Artificial intelligence will further liberate human hands and even brain.

The characteristic of the “smart era” is that the world is an Internet of connected objects. Intelligent hardware terminals are equivalent to intelligent robots used in various scenarios. The brain, eyes, ears, mouth, hands, and legs of the intelligent robot correspond to the corresponding technical support. And the development of intelligent hardware terminals is gradually breaking the product boundary, forming functional integration, data integration, and ecological integration from the inside out, no one is involved, that is, the Internet of Everything, rather than simply connecting the object to the Internet and the cloud It is called the Internet of Things.

Break through the Difficulties with Blockchain Technology

Nowadays, people have become the intermediary role of the Internet of Things. From the perspective of blockchain technology, people should not act as an intermediary between things and things. In theory, the Internet of Things does not require human participation. In theory, as long as you have any habit of using items in your life, the artificial intelligence algorithm judges that you have this habit, and automatically realizes the supplementary problem of helping you complete the items. So solving this problem now becomes a key problem.

It is not impossible for people to stop acting as intermediaries between things. As we all know, in many characteristics, the blockchain and the Internet of Things are naturally compatible, which can solve many problems in the development of the Internet of Things.

Blockchain technology will have an important impact on the Internet of Things with the characteristics of subject equality, openness and transparency, secure communication, difficult tampering, and multi-party consensus: the characteristics of multi-center and weak centralization will reduce the high operation and maintenance costs of centralized architecture The characteristics of information encryption and secure communication will help protect privacy; the distributed architecture and the peer-to-peer features will help break the existing multiple information islands of the Internet of Things and promote the horizontal flow of information and multi-party collaboration.

In fact, there are already leading international IoT giants. IBM, Microsoft, Amazon and SAP all provide blockchain services (Blockchain-as-a-Service) on their respective cloud platforms to provide a flexible resource pool for the future access of massive IoT devices.

Coincidentally, some domestic companies have seen the huge space of the Internet of Things industry under the blockchain technology. Unlike the Internet of Things giants, they start with blockchain technology and solve existing problems with action! The ecological builder of the Internet of Things industry — IONChain.

Establish the Ideal Ecosystem of the Future Internet of Things

The IONChain project has been established since the beginning of 2018 and has laid a solid foundation so far. It has been developing along with the rise of the Chinese Internet of Things. Compared with the trillion Internet of Things market in the future Internet of Things intelligent era, the IONChain project can be described as a depression, and it is very worth looking forward to! The market value will be at least one billion in the future, and the licensing period of ten billion!

Why IONChain is named after ionic? Because IONChain will be used as the bottom link of the Internet of Things, linking all Internet of Things devices, supporting the free combination, communication and interaction between the Internet of Things devices. Through diversified mutual assistance, we have created far-reaching IoT business scenarios, reconstructed and reformed the existing IoT scenarios, and truly realized the ideal ecosystem of the future IoT.

It is worth noting that IONChain has designed two consensus mechanisms: a consensus mechanism called data quality proof, and a consensus mechanism that is proof of time lapse. IONChain has applied for a patent, but this code is open source.

Through these two methods, all IoT devices are supported to connect to the IONChain to mine, attract users, and give them the choice whether they are willing to upload to the cloud for free or to IONChain mining. There is still a problem here. To realize the scenario, the device connected to the chain must be a live device, and the first type of data quality proof proves that it is working, and the second type of time lapse proof proves it is alive of!

In the past three years, the IONChain technology team has provided solutions for nearly 10 blockchain projects in more than 10 industries and implemented products. It has covered many fields of technology and finance, and accumulated architectural design, product development, and projects Systematic experience in all aspects of management, business applications, etc. Among the members of the IONChain team, there are 2 core members of the super ledger global CORE team, and they have contributed the core code of the super ledger. The internally built “Blockchain Brothers” forum has a scale of 1,000 people and 3000+ daily views.

Multi-party Cooperation

IONChain has reached a strategic cooperation with the well-known domestic Internet of Things equipment manufacturers Shanghai Wocheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Doorsinternet Technology Co., Ltd. in the field of smart set-top boxes and smart door locks. The product is expected to come into use in the near future. Hangzhou Doorsinternet Technology Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing cutting-edge intelligent hardware company. It has a deep technical cooperation relationship with Zhejiang University and won the “Mayor Plan Enterprise”, “Artificial Intelligence Town Project Selection” and “Mayor” in Hangzhou. “Cup Entrepreneurship Competition” and other honors.

The company specializes in “gateway networking” solutions, mastering a number of independent patent technologies, software copyrights, and intellectual property rights such as product trademarks.

At present, both the number of devices and the number of users occupy the first share of wireless door locks in the domestic campus market.

IONChain and Internet of Things equipment manufacturer Shanghai Wocheng Information Technology Co., Ltd., Signing Ceremony of Hangzhou Doorsinternet Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Wocheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. was jointly incubated by Unicom Xiaowo Technology and China Mobile Games Group. China Unicom is China’s second-largest telecommunications operator, with high-reliability backbone broadband network facilities necessary for TV cloud games, and more than 70 million fixed-line broadband users; 200 million game users, powerful game distribution and operation capabilities. Under the strong alliance of both sides, Wo Orange is committed to building China’s largest TV game and interactive entertainment platform and ecology.

The strength of IONChain can be underestimated with the cooperation of two excellent IoT manufacturers. Ionic chain has now completed the main chain switching work and has extensive influence in many countries around the world. -Level IoT ecosystem. IONChain has created a consensus on data quality proof consensus and a time-lapse proof consensus mechanism, and has applied for six national patents. Through the concept of “one thing, one code, one pass”, the data can be traced, the source is unique, and it is true and reliable. Relying on the characteristics of edge computing, IONChain proposes the concept of “everything is a mining machine”. Any Internet of Things device connected to Ionic Chain can obtain mining rewards through the “ionization algorithm”.

In addition, Mr. Yang Jing, the director of the China Narrowband Internet of Things Industry Alliance, also served as an expert consultant for the IONChain project and expressed firm support for the project.

It can be expected that the new IoT basic platform based on blockchain and edge computing, IONChain, will surely make the future Internet of Things evolve into a brand new value network, and use blockchain technology to give the IoT more value!

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