What’s Endorsement in Blockchain?

Regarding the endorsement of the blockchain, you must first understand the concept of endorsement.

The word — endorsement comes from the bank bill business, which means that the original holder stamped his own seal on the back of the bill to prove that the bill is true and valid when the bill is transferred. Extending to society context, endorsement means declaring support for someone or something with its own credibility, speaking for someone or something; one unit or individual expressing support for the behavior of another unit or individual, etc.. In blockchain, endorsement is the node in the chain that verifies the transaction and declares that the transaction is legal or not.

The so-called endorsement strategy is used to guide the endorsement node to perform the correct endorsement. The endorsement node uses the endorsement strategy to determine whether a transaction is endorsed correctly. When a peer receives a transaction, it calls the VSCC associated with the transaction’s Chaincode (verification system) as part of the transaction confirmation process to determine the validity of the transaction. Obviously, a transaction needs to be endorsed by one or more endorsement nodes (and these endorsements should be valid).

The role of VSCC — To make the following decisions:

  1. All endorsements are valid.
  2. There is a proper number of endorsements
  3. endorsement comes from the expected source

The endorsement strategy is used to define the second and third points above. Obviously, a good endorsement strategy is very important.

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