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At the beginning of November, the fantastic @originalworks team reached out to us and proposed a brilliant idea to leverage the impact of IONChain in both technology crowd and vast audience. We decided to run a writing competition with the focus on user cases and industry interpretation. After an extensive week of hard work, we have shortlisted the contestants which you can view here. A big thank you to everyone who have taken their precious time to learn about, dig into, created videos of, and talked about IONChain.

Here is a list of the winning articles, go on have a little scroll!

1. IoT Technology at the Service of Society by @jessfrendcor

2. IONChain Facilitating an Internet of Things Economy by @jadams2k18

3. IONChain a new IoT Platform Based on Blockchain and Edge Computing by @sthitaprajna

4. IONChain Revolution in the IoT Space by @oivas

5. Meet IONChain Revolutionizing the IoT Industry Through the Edge Computing System Technology by @donnest

6.IONChain Redefining How IoT Devices Interact Using Blockchain Technology and Edge Computing by @focusnow

7. IONChain: A Revolutionary IoT Infrastructure Based On Blockchain and Edge Computing Technology by @deyvich

8. IONChain: the new development stage for the IoT by @joelsegovia

9. Crafting the Future of the Internet of Things Through Edge Computing and the Blockchain by @blessedben

10. IONChain: Revolutionary IoT Infrastructure Based on Blockchain and Edge Technology by @solcross

11. IONChain: a blockchain backbone network for the Internet of Things by @ambarabby

12. IONChain Combining Blockchain and Edge Computing to Foster an Internet of Value by @dtwo

13. IONChain the New Blochchain Era by @merryslamb

14. IONChain Generating the New Economy of the Internet of Things of Tomorrow by @chrstnv

15. Meet IONChain the Most Adaptable Ecosystem for a Total Internet of Value Backed by a Secure Fast and Privacy Rich Protocol @proofreade

16. IONChain: a blockchain network for the Internet of Things by @maeugenia

17. IONChain — a non-profit Infrastructure using edge computing to give IoT it’s rightful place as a global information by @lucyc

18. Meet IONChain: Disrupting the IoT Industry with Blockchain Technology by @dedicatedguy

19. IONChain: a lethal combination of the blockchain and IoT by @rexdickson

20. IONChain: the future of IoT is here by @aerossone

We will be rolling out more content in the upcoming days, hope you will enjoy reading them and learning about us. If you have any question, free feel to leave a comment down below, or contact us via our social media:

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